Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Straight Talk and Net10 LG L35g

The Straight Talk LG L35g is a very square and pretty cool new Android device.  This one is worth talking about because it is another GSM phone for use with either AT&T or TMobile.  It should be noted that this is an entry level device priced between $100 and $129. This Android, as with all other Androids on Straight Talk, will use the $45 unlimited plan.  Sorry, the $30 plan will not work with this phone.

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You may be thinking that this looks an awful lot like a tablet from this image. I know I thought it was one too. You might also be thinking this is one of those large 4"+ screened devices. Well, neither is the case. This phone is actually in the 3.2" or so screen class so the phone is very compact.  It's probably one of the smaller Straight Talk Androids out there. As for the tablet appearance, this must be something LG is playing around with because I've seen a few new LG devices of this same design.

One last thing to mention is that you may be wondering what happened to the other two Android buttons? The Search and Menu buttons to be exact.  Well, they've been replaced by that space bar looking button in the middle. 

Overall, this is an interesting and pretty unusual device which definitely stands out from the crowd.  It's small and compact which is always a good thing.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Straight Talk Samsung s959g GSM Android

Introducing the Samsung s959g with it's super large 4.52" high resolution, super Amoled display. The s959g is quite noteworthy because it is the first truly high end GSM device.  This phone is quite familiar because it is essentially a Samsung Galaxy S2.  So if you've been waiting for something a little more substantial from Straight Talk before taking the jump, then the Samsung s959g is for you. 

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So besides the large screen, what else is so special about the Samsung s959g? Well, the other thing that makes this a real high end device, is the super fast 1.2ghz dual core processor. With this run you can finally run that stubborn Netflix app that refuses to run properly on lower end devices. Additionally, you can play just about any game you can thing of and multi task to your heart's content.  As with most high end devices these days, this one's also got the front and rear cameras. The main rear camera is 8.0 megapixels in resolution. While the front camera is a lower 2.0 megapixels in resolution.

Visually, this is certainly a great looking phone. Yes, it is a large form factor but that can easily be overlooked because the phone is so good. The silver metal trim really adds a nice accent piece to the phone. This is certainly not a phone you will be ashamed of using because nobody will have the slightest clue you are paying 1/2 as much as they are on the Straight Talk plan.

The Samsung s959g is an excellent device and the only one in it's caliber that you can get for use on the Straight Talk GSM . It's certainly an awesome looking device and it's got the all the features to back it up. Namely, that super fast 1.2ghz dual core cpu. Learn More about the Samsung S959g

Straight Talk Unimax U670

Here is the Straight Talk Unimax U670 Android CDMA device. What's so interesting about it you ask? Well,  who the heck is Unimax? I've certainly never heard of them before this one.  So a little research reveals that Unimax or UMX is a relatively new company started just in 2005. 7 years later and here they are with one of their Android devices made just for Straight Talk.

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Aside from the fact that it's from a company none of us have ever heard of, the phone is pretty straight forward. It's an entry level type device with a 600-800mhz processor. It's of the compact 3.2" screen types which is good and if you squint a little bit, it just sort of looks like an iPhone 4 doesn't it?? Anyhow, one of the nice features on this entry level device is the front and rear camera.  The main cameraa is 3.2 mp and front facing one is around 2 mp. This is something we hardly ever see on a sub $200 device much less one that hovers right at around $100 or so.

So if you're in the market for something entry level and something new, then perhaps you might want to try the Straight Talk Unimax u670. If you're not the risk taking type and like to stick to tried and true, you may want to check out either the Samsung Precedent or the LG l35g.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Compare Tracfone and Net10 Best Texting Phones

Everybody loves to text but fact is, not every phone is good for texting. Take for example a touchscreen phone, sure they are cool but if you are a text monster, forget about being able to rapid fire those texts. So on this episode, we are going to explore the best texting phones for Tracfone and Net10. If you love to text but still want the touchscreen cool factor, then by all means, get that Motorola Ex124g touchscreen, we won't stop you...

#1 Best GSM Texting Phone for Net10 - LG900g

Why it's the Best: Most people think of Blackberry as the reference for a great QWERTY phone so it's no surprise that the LG 900g has the same basic layout, keyboard size and screen size as a Blackberry. This makes for an excellent ergonomic design that's easy and comfortable to use. The keypad buttons are perfectly sized and give you that hard click feedback so you know you haven't missed a press.

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Of course a great keyboard is just part of it. The other think that makes texting on the LG 900 so easy is the relatively low number of key presses it takes to send a text once your done. Simply type your message, press send, pick your contact and press send again. It's not only easy but very intuitive. So easy even a caveman can do it!

#2 Best GSM Texting Phone for Net10 / #1 Best GSM Texing Phone for Tracfone - LG500g

Much of what makes the LG900 so great to text with are the same things that make the LG500 a great texter as well. The keyboard layout is identical though its a tad smaller than the LG900. That being said, the keys are still very nicely sized so finger fumbles are minimized. Keys offer the same hard click feedback as the LG900g. The one thing that is quite superior to the 900 is the email like texting interface. It's got the To box first, then the message all in 1 screen. Then at the bottom you have a series of icons for attaching files which is very cool and the 900 does not have.

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The major downside to the LG500g is the odd screen size. Where the LG900 is close to being square, the LG500g is rectangular in shape. It's unusually narrow so it's kind of strange. Another downside is the SD card port which requires removal of the battery. That being said, the price difference between the 900 and the 500 make the 500 more attractive. Especially if you are giving it to one of your kids.

Since the LG500g is Tracfone's only QWERTY phone, it's simply the best texting phone by default for all the reasons above.


If you want a great texting phone, these two are your best bet. The obvious QWERTY keyboard make these an excellent choice. Of course other things like interfaces and simplicity in sending texts make them great options. I highly recommend these two for serious texters or for people who want to get their kids a nice texting phone. Both come with good text rates so you can thoroughly enjoy these two phones.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Touchscreen Straight Talk Samsung T528g

Ever since the Samsung Finesse came and went from the Straight Talk page, many people have been trying to get their hands on that phone. Not really sure why because the phone wasn't very good and didn't do a whole lot and it was also like 400 bucks.

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Some 2 years later and Straight Talk finally ads the Samsung T528g as a capable Samsung Finesse replacement. After a long touchscreen phone dry spell, Straight Talk finally adds another Touchscreen phone to it's phone line up.

So what's so special about the Samsung T528g? Well, for one the Samsung T528g is 3g which the Finesse was not. Another advantage is the WiFi connectivity, again another feature the Finesse never had. The T528g actually uses a very similar touch interface to the Finesse. So for $99 the Straight Talk Samsung T528g actually dues much more than their original touchscreen phone. While not quite a smartphone, no true OS, it does quite a bit and the 3g connectivity will really let you take advantage of the Straight Talk Unlimited plan.

If you've been thinking of upgrading or the current Straight Talk line up isn't doing it for you , then the Samsung T528g may just be the ticket to reaping the Straight Talk savings. It does just about everything you want a phone to do at a very reasonable price.

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Straight Talk Nokia E71 and Nokia 6790 Resurface on Straight Talk

I have been curious why Straight Talk pulled the two best phones they had. What with all the Android Smartphones Cricket, Boost and Virgin have been putting out. Not that I would use any of those crappy services but it still doesn't look good for Straight talk when their best phone is the lousy Samsung T401. With that, It would seem that the good folks at Straight Talk finally figured out that you have to have a Smartphone in your line up if you want to push the Unlimited plan. Can you really do much with Unlimited using phones like the Samsung T401 or 355? I think not.

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Anyhow, if you've been trying to get your hands on a Straight Talk Nokia E71 and/or a Nokia 6790 now is your time to act because both phones are currently available on the Straight Talk website for $199. Now you better act fast and grab one if you really want one because they might not last long. If you're still holding out for the Straight Talk android phone, then keep on holding out because it's still not available. My guess is, wait until it gets closer to Black Friday. By then I am 90% sure we will finally see a Straight Talk Android phone. Until then, the Nokia E71 and 6790 are available and while the E71 may not be an Android phone, it is 100% certified smart and a quite an awesome phone in its own right.

So why did the Straight Talk E71 and 6790 go away? Well, some say the Unlimited plan was being used and abused. Others say too many people using E71 sim in their iPhones. Whatever the reason is, who knows. If the latter was the case the new E71 sim is Sure NOT to work on the iPhone. So whatever the reason was looks like Straight Talk has changed it's mind.

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Net10 / Tracfone Compare Motorola EX124g to the LG800g

The Motorola EX124g is another of the new Net10/Tracfone "2.0" phones. That is phones that don't totally suck! The Motorola EX124g is a very handsome touchscreen model replacing the short lived LG800g. So it seems that the Tracfone/Net10 LG800g just had too many problems with it. Receiving picture texts being the main issue it seems. So out with the LG800g which may or may not return and in with the Motorola EX124g.

The look of the EX124g is far superior, in my humble opinion, to the LG800g. this one's got that modern sleek look to it while the LG800g was a bit dated. Another thing that I didn't care for the LG800g was it's odd size. Sure it was small which is nice in this day and age where phone sizes seem to be regressing back to the old brick, but the LG800g was just a tad too small. This one is slightly larger with a bit bulkier feel to it so it fits nicely in the hand.

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While both phones are resistive touchscreen models, the EX124g is far more responsive to the touch. While on the LG800 you sometimes had to press real firm to get anywhere, the EX124g responds to light presses so no need to mash the screen with all your might on this one. The user interface on this phone is yet another feature to like over the LG800g. This phone comes with a more modern interface which is superior to the LG800g which had a bit of a dated feel to the user interface and it's weird looking icons. Don't get me wrong, the LG800g is a nice enough phone, it's just that this one is much better.

The EX124g has the same basic features, though we must say is much more handsome device. Of course we all love touchscreen devices and the EX124g is no exception. As with all new Tracfone/Net10 offerings, this one is Java app ready. So it's just a matter of firing up getjar, downloading your apps and moving them to the phone. Very easy! MP3 player, full HTML browser, expandable SD card slot round out the feature set. So a well equipped Net10/Tracfone indeed.

So as it stands, the Motorola EX124g is a nice upgrade to the LG800g. I wouldn't chuck the LG800g out the window for the Motorola EX124g just yet, after all the LG800g is relatively new, but if you you are still thinking about upgrading your old school Net10/Tracfone this model is well worth it. Only downside is the higher price. Though you can save $5 with coupon GI2011 if nothing else.

Please come back for videos and a full demo of the Motorola EX124g.

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