Thursday, October 7, 2010

Net10 LG620g Slider Phone With All New Net10 Rate Plans

If you're looking for an inexpensive phone but still want the features of more expensive handsets, the LG620 is the phone for you. This slider is basic by modern standards but full of features that up until now were hard to come by on prepaid phones.

The LG620 features a built in mp3 player, built in FM tuner, 1.3mp camera, video recording capabilities, Bluetooth, mp3 ringtones, downloadable java games and more. All this in the compact slider form factor that's easy to deal with for pocket carriers. No more butt dialing with this phone! Better yet is the sub $40 price. A great little phone, lots of features and a low price. Perfect phone for the budget oriented prepaid crowd! Get all the Details on the LG620

Also new on the Net10 website are the new and improved rate plans. Gone is the old 10 cent model. In it's place, Net10 has added a versatile line up of plans. For high usage customers, Net10 has added a 750 minute/text/data combined card for only 25 bucks. Also, for high usage customers, they have added an Unlimited minute/text/data card for $50. Find out More on the new Rate plans

For middle of the road usage, Net10 has added 600,900 and 1500 minute cards for about 7 cents per minute, a savings of 30% from old cards.

Finally, for low usage customers, Net10 has retained their 200 and 300 minute cards for the same previous rate of 10 cents.

With this Net10 has become and excellent option for customers who want versatility. Remember, that with Net10 you can switch from one card to the other any time you want. Find out More on the new Rate plans

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Will said...

I'm a big Net10 fan. It's easy to remember the price and the coverage is amazing. I think the new plans rock too!