Thursday, August 21, 2008

How to get valid tracfone promo codes

If you are a Tracfone user then you already know the benefits of having prepaid service. One of the great things about Tracfone is that they offer their customers numerous bonus promo codes throughout the year. These are basically free minutes that you can get by simply entering a 5 digit code. Using such promo codes can, in many cases, lower your per minute costs by half or more per card. Tracfone usually offers these promotions in one of several ways. They can be found on their website, they are emailed to customers who provided their email, they can be found on print ads and they are sent via text message to a customer's phone. Now I have been a customer for over 3 years but have rarely received promos via email or text. I don't usually look at print ads and the promo codes on their website are usually for the higher denomination cards. So the question is where does a customer like myself find these promos? The answer is quite simple, on the internet of course! There are literally hundreds of promo codes floating around on various forums, sites and blogs. The problem with these though is that the majority are are usually expired. Fact is that operators don't update very often. They also have no way of validating them short of buying airtime. Finally, Tracfone is not in the business of giving away minutes so they are not likely to put out hundreds of valid codes at a time like many sites claim. So how do you find valid codes? Do you visit countless forums and blogs hunting them down? The answer is NO. You find a site that updates often and one that validates their codes.

That's easier said than done since site operators want to attract visitors cheaply and quickly. So many of them will throw up a bunch of useless codes. This doesn't mean a good site doesn't exist. In fact I just recently found the best promo code site thus far. Not only do they update EVERYDAY, they also validate using Tracfone's site so they are usually all valid codes. You won't find hundreds of useless codes but you will find just about ALL the valid codes available. They also have a nice little promo code checker where you can test all the codes you find. If you find one that's good they add to their DB so their db is always updating with VALID codes. So if you need good promo codes without the usual scavenger hunt, visit more specifically, go directly to their Current Valid Tracfone Bonus Promo Codes. That being said, there are a few other good sources for promo codes. Here is a short list:

So now that you know where to find them, get out there and get some free tracfone minutes

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